The Friends.PM Vision

PM stands for Peace Makers.    Our world needs more peace makers!  We have shakers, and takers, but we need makers!    

Peace Makers -- is all about building one another.  We are a group of aspirational young people, who believe that we can be our best individually  by being our best together.   We share ideas, resources, training, tools, insights, spiritual and secular advice to grow in relationship with one another and relationship to God.    The prophet and Messiah Jesus said, "Blessed are the Peace Makers for they will be called the children of God." 

Muslims and Christians, Buddhists and Hindu's, religious and non-religous -- all young people ages 13 to 35 are welcome here.   We put pictures and video's and blogs, and discussion topics with the hope of strengthening one another.   The goal of this network is not to become a hub of arguement but rather a hub of shared values and learning for encouragement and love.    

Everyone knows there is beauty in sharing, in generousity, in service, in celebrating others achievements.  Selflessness is somehow respected and admired around the world in every culture.   That is peace making.  Peace making is more than just enjoying peace -- it is the act of actually creating peace where there was confusion, tension or stress.    

Take time to enjoy reading but also be a contributor.  Here are are rules: 


a) isn't about YOU. (Instagram and Facebook are for that).    It's about what you are learning, how you are improving, the opportunities God has given you to serve others.   


b)   Post things that are inspring, motivating, or encouraging.    


c)  Don't post things that are political, demeaning, sensual, or have no relevance to the peace maker life or goals. (ex. a picture of you painting your toenails).  


You can join and create clubs, groups, topics as you wish!




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