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Forgive them Anyway

Years ago I found this poem.  It opens up our minds to realize we are supposed to be our best no matter the flaws and weaknesses of others.   It is easy to let others failures become the excuses for our own rude or lazy behavior.  NO!  Rather other people's character flaws are opportunities for us to be our best!    See what you think of these ideas: 
People Are Often Unreasonable,
Illogical And Self-centered;
Forgive Them Anyway.
If You Are Kind,
People May Accuse You Of Selfish Ulterior Motives;
Be Kind Anyway.
If You Are Successful,
You Will Win Some False Friends And True Enemies;
Succeed Anyway.
If You Are Honest And Frank,
People May Cheat You;
Be Honest Anyway.
What You Spend Years Building,
Someone Could Destroy Overnight;
Build Anyway.
If You Find Serenity And Happiness,
They May Be Jealous;
Be Happy Anyway.
The Good You Do Today,
People Will Often Forget Tomorrow;
Do Good Anyway.
Give The World The Best You Have,
And It May Never Be Enough;
Give The World The Best You’ve Got Anyway.
You See, In The Final Analysis,
It Is Between You And God;
It Was Never Between You And Them Anyway.
I am not sure who wrote it, but I think it is powerful because it lifts up the real need of all of us to let go of our selfish opinions and forgive.  A person who refuses to forgive thinks they are destroying the other person, but like a boomerang that comes back -- lack of forgiveness actually destroys the person who is unwilling to forgive.   Scientifically it has been proven that holding grudges and bitterness is a cancer causing poison to the human system.  
The climax of this poem really tells us that we are accountable to ONE in the universe -- let's ask of him for the grace and power to be the person we want to be.  
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